Mrignayni Pandey

Looking for a content marketer and strategist to scale your SaaS business?

How about a content ninja who’s mastered product positioning, SEO, killer copywriting, and everything in between?

Mrignayni Pandey

I help the disruptive SaaS businesses of the world get more leads, conversions, and authority

In 4 years of my experience working with brands around the globe, I realized there are a lot of factors that make a successful online business and brand. And time is not one of them…

The success of your SaaS business has got nothing to do with how long you’ve been in business. Times does not increase the valuation of a SaaS product or scale it. 

It scales when you hit certain milestones… Milestones achieved through strategic planning and growth hacking… Milestones to get to more leads, conversions, and authority…

And through my boutique agency, growth academy, and content strategies, I have helped hundreds of companies from popular startups to fortune 500s achieve that….

My mission is to help you hit your next revenue goal with strategic content and copy…

And with me, there are no long-term contracts- you pay for performance, and we’ll show you the plan to hit your next milestone…

What People Are Saying

“Helped us strategize content and build a structured content map for our app.”

Mrignayni helped me strategize content for one of the apps we are building. I liked the way she has worked with me from understanding the requirements to writing content for us.

She followed a very structured process for all her blogs with a voice and tone guide, outlines, and stats, for all our articles. I highly recommend her services for content strategy and content marketing to any saas business out there.

Rajesh Bonappa
-Product Manager, MLVeda

“She gave us a new found confidence in our content marketing efforts."

One word to describe Mrig… Amazeballs.

Her content pieces have given us a few found confidence in our content marketing and our octopus e-commerce integration succeeding.

She’s explained our product really well and integrated just the right bits to attract the right ICP, engage them with product storytelling, and CTA them to take our product for a spin.

Great product-led content and copywriting.

Dhruv Ahluwalia
-Business Manager, 24SevenCommerce

“She’ll help you nail your USP, ICP, and voice.”

I didn’t know what my content would look like when I started out. But Mrignayni helped me build that and shape it to what it is today.

Many, like me, starting out there, don’t know how to bring out their message to the world. But trust me, with the right people in your team, you can easily nail it.

And Mrignayni is one of those people. She’ll help you nail your USP, ICP, market analysis, and voice and tone of content.

I have known her for the last four years and she has been my go-person for marketing all sorts of content for my company and my clients.

Anujeet Shivam
-CEO, Web Ninja Solutions

Learn Content Strategy And How To Optimize Your

Content Marketing ROI


Content Strategy

There’s a flywheel to your SaaS business (every business for that matter).

You have to identify the key components of the flywheel and optimize it to make it move faster and faster. 

Those components revolve around acquisition, activation, revenue, retention, and referral.

Content marketing for each component varies and involves assessing your campaigns and your competitors. 

Student of content hacker, Julia Mccoy, I have helped many SaaS companies reassess their marketing campaigns and optimize the ROI from their content marketing efforts.


Understanding your unique selling proposition, ideal customer profile, and your market is critical to formulate a rad GTM strategy.

You have to understand human psychology and use it strategically to craft a differentiated strategic narrative and communicate your product value.

With mastery over voice, direct response marketing, and SEO, I have helped my clients get the perfect web copy that prods their target customers to click every single time.

(Btw, did I tell you that I have been a student of the copywriting queen, Alex Cattoni?)

SEO Content Writing

Great content is a combination of a good voice and targeted SEO.  

The general approach to SEO is backlink building and keyword targeting.

But you need thousands of backlinks to rank #1 on Google, and keyword targeting doesn’t work anymore.  

It’s all about search intent, understanding consumer behavior and creating value for your niche that Google is proud to display.

Using the power of predictive intelligence and Latent Semantic Indexing, I have ranked 100s of blogs for my clients on page 1 of Google.

My extensive interest in finding market gaps, creating funnels and strategizing, and understanding what makes people tick makes me a mad content hacker… 

I started my journey in content marketing as a storyteller. Since then stories have never ceased to fascinate me….

The idea that words can evoke so many emotions: patronizing and denouncing, reveling and mourning, concurring and denouncing, soothing and inciting enthralls me…

The ceaseless chatter of the world is nothing short of wondrous. There are endless stories to tell and always new ones to weave…

That’s what I have done all my life and that’s what I am truly passionate about….

It took some time to figure out how to make money off my skills but now that I know the game… 

I like to tell everyone and anyone who would listen that it’s possible to make money doing what you love and more than that thrive as a creative entrepreneur….

If any of this interests you, I would love to talk about them in your podcast, panel, or stage… 



Through my course program on content hacking, I teach freelancers and entrepreneurs top-level strategies to optimize the ROI in content marketing and converting more leads.

In the live coaching program, you are guided step-by-step to make your own content strategy and dominate your niche through content marketing.

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