Mrignayni Pandey


I’m Mrig (Mrignayni) Pandey.

It all started in 2017 in the Times Studio, Mumbai

Kidding. (Well, not really, but that’s not how I’m going to start this story)

I started my journey into entrepreneurship after I won the reading and writing challenge by the Times Group

Being recognized by the largest selling English-language daily in the world was that turning point where I decided to get earnest about my writing abilities

So with my zombies, Frankenstein monsters, and vampires; I was ready to write my ‘shining’ and be the next Stephen King of the world

I was so convinced of its success that I started learning marketing alongside to prepare myself to publish it.

But unlike the good life of my fantasy world, I just received a long note from my editor-the famous Graham Dixon saying that my writing is awesome but my storytelling skills suck.

My marketing school armed me with the knowledge that I don’t need to write some fancy book in order to get published.

And so I quit story writing to explore content strategy and copywriting further from the founder of Express Writers, the legendary strategist Julia Mccoy.

My first experiences writing content were with Indian brands that include Shriram Jewellers, Sanctum Wellness, Web ninja solutions, and Antariksh.

I then worked full-time with the Indian government to promote their Eco-tourism campaign. 

From there, I took my first part-time job outside the country with Verse Networks (now BeConnected) and worked with SCM software.

And then at the Russian Embassy, full-time, as the content manager of their Science and Culture Department. 

After wallowing in sleep deprivation and workaholism for 8 months, I went on to explore more of the software world. I was a content marketing SEO associate for a content writing agency for a brief period before I launched into freelancing full-time.

I now write SEO content and SEO copy exclusively for the disruptive SaaS businesses of the world and help them get more leads, conversion, and authority (written for 12 different SaaS verticals that include eCommerce, AI, VR, retail, etc.)

I also help companies around the world strategize their content marketing campaigns to cut through the noise, reach their target audience, and stand out from the competition.

I have helped 100s of businesses 10x their organic traffic and get the ROI from their content that they were always looking for

I hope that next business is going to be yours 🙂

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