Level-up and charge what you’re worth.

Straightforward, non-pretentious, non-bullshitty advice on how to 4X your freelancing price.

From being burnout in a 9-5 to building a 7-figure business. I’ve successfully grown my freelancing business into a consulting firm and agency- Now it’s YOUR turn.


The 7-day strategy plan to help you re-think the way you price your services

Rethinking The Way You Price How to ditch market prices and think of selling your services in a different way

Understanding Positioning How to position your services as an investment rather than an expanse and win clients

Price Anchoring The exact steps to to anchor your prices correctly and charge your worth

Roadmapping And Risk Reversal How to skip discovery calls, proposal making, etc. and spend time billing your clients.

Putting It All Together The exact steps to package your services, present your offer, and make your clients say yes.

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