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The first of its kind bundle of content strategy cheat sheet for content marketers who want to present their research better, give more value, and double their income.

With proven templates and guides you’ll have everything you need to make your clients fall in love with my work and come back for your services again and again.

In this bundle, you’ll get templates on everything from a USP, ideal customer profile, and marketing analysis to a killer proposal and statement of work. 

So, put your seat belts on and get ready to have all the tools and templates you need to take your freelancing business to the next level.


Whether you are a content marketer, a marketing consultant, content writer, or copywriter, you need a structure and workflow for your process.

You might have one already in place. But do you know there’s a way in which you can present that to your clients and get to charge more for your services? 

Yes, that’s true. You can charge more for your services by giving the client all the research that you put together, and the client can use it to his advantage for his campaigns.

If you’re a copywriter, you probably put a lot of time and effort into understanding how you can position the brand and highlight the brand’s unique selling proposition.

Imagine being able to put it together into pages of filed ideal customer profile, competitor positioning, and how the brand will communicate its product value.

Insane value addition, right?

If you’re a content writer, imagine being able to put all of your blog research into one page and give your clients the list of things they need to audit. 

Plus, a documented voice and tone guide that they can circulate internally and refer later.

If you’re an SEO writer, how about being able to segregate top, middle, and bottle of the funnel content and giving an overview of the ROI your content pieces can potentially bring to the business.

If you’re a marketing consultant, how about being able to map your entire sales funnel from ads, to the emails, to socials, blogs, and finally the sales page.

Super-valuable, right? 

The best part is, we all do the processes mentioned above, maybe we just don’t think about documenting them in pages and sending it to the client. 

But all of these are very critical pieces of content planning and strategizing that when presented and done right can help you charge better and make your clients fall in love with your work.

This template bundle is made to help you understand how you can put together all your research in a structured form and pitch these strategy pages to your clients.

Not only that, you also have access to killer proposal templates that have earned me thousand dollar deals and projects.

Three ways this strategy bundle will help you amp up your

• freelance game •



Discover all the parts of your research process that can be put up as a strategy page and packaged as a part of your services to double your income. 



Get exclusive access to proven strategy pages, templates, and guides that you can use to model your own strategy pages and wow your clients and customers.



How about a content ninja who’s mastered funnel hacking, product positioning, SEO, killer copywriting, and everything in between?

Value: 3,600

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30-day Content Calendar

A done for you 30-day content calendar that you can use as a guiding light for posting different pieces of content on different channels every week.

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22 Questionnaire Sheet​

A sheet of 22 questions that you can ask your clients to get clear about their product/service and get seen as the expert in your industry.

USP and ICP​

A plug and play USP and ICP guide that you can share with all types of content to get clear about positioning your product and your audience.

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Market Analysis Sheet​

A detailed laydone of the pros and cons of your competitors and how you can tactically position your product in the market.

Social Media Cheat Sheet​

An organized social media ROI tracking sheet to help you see the impact of your social media efforts and the brand equity you’ve built over time. 

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Auditing Sheet​

An audit checklist and sheet that you can use to evaluate the existing content on your site and optimize it to improve your ROI from your content marketing. 

SEO Content Segmentation Sheet

Access a sheet to categorize your content as per the funnel and relevancy to your product/service so that you don’t just class content on Semrush/Ahref tables.

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The Strategy Pages Are The Money Pages

These strategy pages are the central pieces that help you close more gigs, add immense value to your projects, and delight your clients every single time.

And it’s isn’t just the information that you can pull together as strategies that help you gain that extra edge over other freelancers, but it’s also the way it’s presented.

As we have already discussed above, all of the information that goes into these templates are pieces that you already know. You just pull from them and present it. 

In fact, your clients will pay you upwards of $5000 when you tell them that you won’t just write content for them. But you’ll also give them access to a lot of valuable research that they can circulate internally in the company. 

Many of you might argue that you can make these pages yourself but here’s the thing…. Presentation matters, whether you like to admit it or not…

You need expert guidance, strategic preparation, and proven experience to get the strategic presentations right….

The value of these strategy pages are over $2450 and many of my fellow marketers told me that it was stupid to give them for just $97….

But you see, my mission here is to help you get to the next level and as a writer/marketer realize the worth of everything that you do….

You cannot do that without actually understanding how your contributions affect the larger picture and bring in the ROI your clients are looking for…

I also want to tell you that I listen… I know a lot of you have written to me in the past saying that you could not afford my coaching program or one-on- one consultations. 

And that’s why I wanted to come up with this bundle that could give you access to some of the best things I have got at just a fraction of the cost…

I am a marketing consultant, content strategist, and copywriter. Over the last four years, I have partnered with many global brands around the world and helped them get more leads, conversions, and authority.

Through my content strategies, I have helped hundreds of companies from popular startups to fortune 500s get the ROI from their content that they are looking for…

Now, with my own agency, Wordskilled, I help content marketers understand how their content adds to the bigger picture, helps grow a business and creates a larger impact in the world.

My mission is to help content marketers produce content that communicates the product or service value in the best manner, reach their target audience, and help them bring about a meaningful change in the life of their customers.

What My Students Say About Me


I have known Mrignayni for a long time now. From sales funnel assets to presenting your samples to clients, she’s given me some wonderful insights on closing clients.

I’ve been in the industry as a content marketer for 7 years now, and she’s one person I always look forward to hearing from. She always adds crazy value, makes you feel supported, and leaves you thinking about things differently.


Mrig’s step by step guide to content marketing can ensure you make the best out of your time and maximum returns with directional efforts.

The pointers she shares are tried, tested and proven work strategies from her part that will ensure you are on the right track to strategic growth and success.



“She’s one of the best content marketers I know.”

I have worked and known many professionals in the field of content creation and strategy.

However, Mrignayani is one of the most talented and efficient in the field… She always has some incredible suggestions for our content. 

Plus, her work ethics are supreme, and her ability to go out of her way to help you win is something I have not seen in many marketers out there. 

Soumya Ojha

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The Killer Proposal Template

If you want to win clients, then you need to be able to create a killer proposal. A good proposal is one that’s not just transactional but experiential. It takes your clients through a journey from where they are at to where they will be after availing your services. It doesn’t just have the deliverables listed for you, but it also has the process, milestones, and timelines clearly written with the ‘next steps’ that the client is supposed to take. And in this killer six page proposal you’ll have the exact outlined proposal that’ll reel in your clients and help you close thousand dollar deals.

650$ Value

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SOW. NDA. Retainer. Invoicing

Once you’ve closed a contract, you want to send a clear Statement Of Work, with the exact scope of your project, with a non-disclosure agreement, retainer contract, or invoice. Remember, clients will pay a premium to freelancers and consultants who will take them through an experience rather than a transaction. Grab your free templates of SOW, NDA, Retainer contracts, and invoicing to wow your clients, keep yourself legally protected, and become a boss freelance consultant.

350$ Value

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Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

As business owners, we all create a lot of content everyday…. We’re constantly repurposing our pieces to work on different platforms and scrambling to figure out what can work and what cannot. In this cheat sheet, you’ll get access to the dimensions and types of content you should be posting on nine different social media channels. You can pick up the sheet and reference the sizes every time you want to repurpose your content on different social media channels.

150$ Value


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you get immediate access to all the strategy pages along with your bonuses on the email id you give us and confirm.

Yes, absolutely. The frameworks and templates that I share here work for both B2B and B2C spaces. And it can be used by freelancers as well as consultants alike.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive all the strategy pages in a kit on your email-id. You can keep these pages with you forever and for a lifetime.

There’s no return policy. The strategy pages are created for people who understand the value of the experience and want to apply all the frameworks and templates to good use.

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Value: 3,600

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